Sunday, November 11, 2007

Old-Fashioned Fun

I am so sick and tired of huge baby toys with flashing lights and annoying music - the kind that take 8 D batteries and require half the real estate on your living room floor. My god. The babies are 6 weeks old, they don't need 8 different lullabies in 5 different languages with 12 recline options and 3 removable toy bars. All they need is a place that isn't their crib that they can be blobs in. I mean, that's what they are right now. Blobs. And I'm certainly not complaining. When Logan was teeny tiny I remember I couldn't wait for him to start moving around and playing. Yeah. Not so much this time. They can remain immobile for as long as they want - god knows how I'll handle it when I have three small children running around like rabid monkeys.

Anyway, I searched high and low for something mildly entertaining that the girls could use for more than six months that didn't run on batteries and didn't threaten to give us all lightshow induced epileptic fits. Bonus points if it wasn't hideously ugly and/or plastic.

This is what I ended up with:

If that's too fancy for ya, you can remove that totally not obnoxious toy bar and you are left with this:

Ahhhhh . . . I can breathe again.

We haven't received it yet - it's being shipped - but, doesn't it look simple, refined, dare I say elegant?


Kathleen said...

Actually, it looks... scary. Like it shouldn't be something a person can BE in. I have seen these chairs - I actually HAVE one, but it takes batteries and sings and vibrates and is very loud and colorful - I feel the same way about our chair. It scares me. I keep thinking it's going to flip one way or another and the baby will tip over...

I DO have to say, though, this scary chair is an elegant looking scary chair. And I so hear you on the huge toys for small blobs.

Lou said...

We have one that we received for Logan but it's hideous (I registered for it, so totally my fault) and it rocks back and forth and vibrates and has a huge toy bar that plays Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star with huge, flashing, light-up stars. I'm hoping this one is better.