Monday, November 12, 2007

Factory Closed

Dad, don't read this.

Okay guys, I need your help. I just remembered that at my six week checkup after having Logan the doctor wanted me to choose a birth control option, so I'm assuming I'll have to pick one tomorrow. Damn. I've been trying to figure out what method I'd go with but I see pros and cons to them all. I came so close to just getting my tubes tied while I was having the c-section, but I read that some women have truly horrific problems after such an operation. So, there's the pill, but I'm breastfeeding and the only one I could take is the mini pill which isn't really as effective as the full blown pill. And I'm really not too thrilled with the idea of putting hormones into my body. I was on the pill for a few years and when I went off it I had severe mood swings and heart palpitations and it was not much fun. Then there are IUDs but they can puncture your uterus sometimes and I think they hurt to put in and they make your period worse. The patch and the shot are just more hormones . . . the sponge is too hard to put in and take out (remind me to tell you one day of the time Steven had to "deliver" a Today Sponge that I could not remove myself). Condoms are icky and too much trouble. Has anyone heard of this Essure thing? Seems kind of wacky.

Why won't Steven just get a vasectomy? Men!


Kathleen said...

I have been thinking about this - because I opted for the mini pill last time, and I don't care what they said it messed with my milk supply and I was getting my period every 2 weeks. So I stopped taking it.


So this time I was thinking of asking to be fitted for a diaphragm? I haven't done a lot of research on it, so I don't know how expensive it would be. But I would use that only as long as we were breastfeeding. (Ha! We!) Yes, it would be icky and I would have to mess with it.

I wouldn't go for anything that would keep me from getting pregnant later. I am paranoid that way. There are too many what-ifs for me. So the Essure thing is out for me, as is getting my tubes tied. If we were to take drastic measures, Steve would get clippy clippy. He threatens to daily, anyway, and sometimes tells me he had it done years ago.

Nothing is actually risk free. It's all about what works best for you. If the Essure thing seems too wacky, I would get your tubes tied. Yeah, some women have problems, but I know a lot of people who have had it and had no side effects whatsoever. Besides the initial pain.

ETownDZ said...

You've probably already dealt with this issue already, but in case you're still shopping...

I'm honestly quite happy with my IUD. Wasn't all that bad to get put in, honestly. Not fun, sure, but totally doable. And now I just don't have to think about it for five years. I've not yet noticed any ill effects. Teeny bit of spotting at first, but that was it.

Anonymous said...

Someone hold me. I'm scared.