Monday, October 22, 2007

Thing 1 and Thing 2

Steven is going to kill me for posting a video where his naked gut is resting on the counter for the majority of the time, but this is too hilarious for me not to share it with all of you. Maybe my dad was right and we should have stopped by the nearest tattoo parlor on the way home from the hospital and had the girls' names permanently etched on their bums.

* Special thanks to Steven for blocking me from the camera. While his belly was propped up on the counter, mine was gently sweeping the floor. I might be down 40 pounds since giving birth, but my saggy stomach skin is like warm salt water taffy. Mmmmmm.


queenmabby said...

you've lost 40 pounds?? WOWSERS!

Lou said...

yeah, but don't forget that i weighed 192 pounds (*gasp*) at the very end

Jules said...

But still, 40 lbs is amazing. And you had 2 human beings inside you! Loved the video!:)